🌟 Patience 🌟

by Kalyani Yoga

In class, we looked at what it means to be patient – To be able to tolerate delay without becoming annoyed or anxious.

An attitude of patience can be translated to how we practise our yoga. Being patient with ourselves and not in a hurry to achieve a pose or be still and instead nurture ourselves to persist with our practise. When we are in a rush, we may miss the beauty of the journey and may not always appreciate the destination.

With life we need to be patient and have faith that everything will happen when its right and ready. The last year or so have taught us all to be patient and wait until we can socialise again. And we may have all felt, that when we wait, those moments feel even more special.

To wait doesn’t mean to give up. In our modern lives it is all too easy to lose this concept of patience. It is so simple to get almost anything we want when we want – Amazon, Netflix, Uber Eats to name a few. We maybe led to believe that everything needs to happen now – but it doesn’t. There is beauty in waiting.

In the kids and teens class the children gave some wonderful examples of patience.
“Waiting for our turn in a game.” 
“Waiting for our brother to give something back.” 
“Waiting for our parents to stop questioning us.”

All of these moments of pause help us to react better in a situation, to be calm rather than annoyed. And when we do get our turn or are heard it is so much more wonderful.

I’d love to hear how you’ve been patient and what you have enjoyed waiting for.

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