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My Philosophy

Kalyani Yoga | Yoga Classes Maidenhead | Welcome to my website mobile
Kalyani Yoga | Yoga Classes Maidenhead | Welcome to my website

My belief

I passionately believe that health and happiness are the most important things in life. Through simple actions you can improve your mental and physical wellbeing and I am here to show you how. For over 20 years I have been helping people feel great through yoga and meditation. I take great pride in sharing my deep understanding of these classical practices in a style that is engaging, easy to follow and, above all, relevant to everyday life. My style focuses on the way you breathe, the way you move and the way you feel. Put simply, when you move well and breathe well, you feel great!

My Woodstock Guru…

To me Swami Satchidananada was like a loving grandfather but to the rest of the world he was a yoga legend! In 1969 he calmed the restless crowds at Woodstock and went on to influence the international boom of yoga. I remember him as the peach robed yogi doing headstands in my living room. 

From a young age, Swamiji has always been guiding me in my passion to help others feel better and I am truly grateful for him being in my life.

The well-ometer


I have been a student with Kalyani now for about 6 years and have found that her teachings have improved my health, well-being and I hope my personality. Kalyani is everything that I would expect from a yoga teacher and more.”


Class Attendee

I love that Kali always gives me an alternative pose, or helps me make adaptations to poses I can manage and never makes me feel like its a problem or that I’m not doing it right. As a plus-size girl, it can sometimes feel like I’m not welcome at exercise classes but I have never ever felt that way at Kali’s classes.”


Class Attendee

Kalyani is an excellent yoga teacher, with a calm and relaxing approach. She is skilled in teaching
yoga for people of all abilities. I have always felt comfortable with Kalyani and am happy to highly recommend her to others. The classes are helpful for mental and physical wellbeing.”


Class Attendee

Honestly everything! Spending real quality time with my daughter and undertaking the pairs exercises together was great fun. A lso loved watching her eat food comfortably she might whinge about at home. Love the henna. Just a great vibe.”


Family Funday Attendee

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