🌟 Happiness🌟

by Kalyani Yoga

Happiness is our natural state that is within us, beyond our senses. In yoga this is sukha – ease/happiness. You may have heard me mention this quality in our poses, stira sukham asanam (steadiness and ease). This steadiness and ease should be in all that we do.

This sukha/happiness is not extreme pleasure but more an underlying current of joy. We should know that we do not need to go seeking outside to fulfil this happiness but that it is within us always.  It’s like when we’re looking for our glasses and they have been on top of our head the whole time 🙂

Our true state of happiness can be clouded by the noise of life. We need to bring balance and calm so that this happiness can be revealed to us. Our holistic practise of yoga helps us to reveal this state. Our asana, pranayama and meditation all help us to come back to our true joyful state.

In class we practised nadi shodana to help bring balance and clarity. Sometimes life can get a bit confusing and disrupted and I like to use this breathing technique to bring balance and joy.

I’d love to hear about how you reveal happiness to yourself.

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