🌟 Gratitude 🌟

by Kalyani Yoga

This week we thought about what we do have and allowing gratitude to arise, to notice how it feels. It’s a lovely practise when we take time out to pause and truly be thankful. This can be done through moments of prayer, keeping a gratitude journal or mindfully noticing the many things we can be grateful for. When we emphasise our thanks, we are creating positive energy.

We know we should be thankful but what does that feel like and why should we bother?

Being grateful can be described as feeling positively full. When we feel full of positive energy, we naturally emit positive energy out, and when this positive energy flows out the universe will send us positive energy back :). It’s a beautiful cycle of positivity and love which begins with us and our perspective of life – are we feeling full or empty?

In class we started by being grateful for our breath and every movement we could make with our amazing bodies. To complete the session, we surrendered to the feeling of gratitude – leaving us feeling warm with love and compassion.

Take a moment to pause and be grateful, notice how it feels.

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