🌟 Impermenance 🌟

by Kalyani Yoga

Impermanence is the truth of life; everything is always changing. However, as humans we generally feel more secure when things stay the same.

Buddhist monks spend days, weeks, even months making beautiful and intricate mandalas out of coloured sand and then cheerfully destroy them in celebration of impermanence. This is not too dissimilar to my activity of cleaning the kitchen for it to then become messy again in moments – this doesn’t stop me from cleaning it again and again. Ok, so not quite the same as making an intricate mandala but you get where I’m coming from.

Life doesn’t stay the same and it is up to us to embrace all the changes that come our way. This way we can flow through life rather than resist it.

Media would like to sell us many products that keep us staying younger and not changing, but this is the truth of life. And when changes do occur we should have faith that it’s meant to be and for the good – we may not always see the good but we should have faith.

In class we embraced the changes that our body goes through and rejoiced in what we can do today. Being present by focusing on our breath and our senses allows us to truly appreciate where we are right now – and that is enough, we are enough.

Allow yourself to pause and rejoice in all the changes you have been though, of where you are right now and know that you are more than enough.

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