by Kalyani Yoga

This week we looked at vikalpa our imagination, which is a type of vritti (thought). In yoga we look to quieten the thoughts so that we can connect with our true self.  To help quieten these thoughts we first need to observe and recognise them.

Our imagination is great in helping us solve problems, have fun, create amazing things, have an inspired and fulfilled life. However, it can also distract and delay us from our purpose. We need to be aware of which space we are in and how our imagination is serving us. Let me explain with some examples.

My imagination is useful to me when I open my fridge and see that I’m down to my last odd bits of veg. I use my imagination to create something delightful to eat. In this scenario my imagination has helped me to use my odd bits of veg and feed my family. 🙂

My imagination can hinder me when I’m nervous about doing something. My imagination creates a number of scenarios that I start playing in my head. It confuses me and I’m unable to make a decision – I put it off. Here my imagination has set me back from taking action. If I catch my thoughts, I can make the best of this situation by imagining a positive outcome and allow it to be whatever it will be. This type of attitude also takes faith that all will be well and is meant to be, which comes back to isvara pranidhana, surrendering our actions to a higher power.

When we have awareness of our imagination, we can allow ourselves to experience the beautiful dance of these thoughts with detachment and eventually reveal our true-self.

Action: observe your thoughts and if they are vikalpa enjoy the dance with detachment.

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