by Kalyani Yoga

In class we looked at Raga, another Klesha, which is when we are attached or attracted to something or someone.  We suffer when this changes.

Sometimes we do not realise that we are attached to something until we lose it.  It is important to allow yourself to be aware of the attachment before you suffer the loss.  When we are aware, we can be more appreciative of the current situation and consider how it will be if it changes or isn’t as we expect.

For example, the cake in the image looks very tasty and we may be looking forward to having a slice.  We are so attracted to the pleasure we hope to experience.  The outcomes could be, we eat the cake and its delicious and then it ends or we accidentally drop the cake and can’t eat it.  To reduce our suffering (from loss of cake) we need to remember that whichever outcome occurs, it’s ok.

This is a very trivial example but perhaps you can see how we can apply this to bigger issues we may face in life. We can address them in the same way. We can enjoy the process and not just the result.  Ask ourselves, is this outcome necessary for me to be happy? or can I still be happy if the opposite happens? By pausing and thinking this way we can allow ourselves to experience the fullness in life – both in success and failure.

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