🌟Breath Meditation🌟

by Kalyani Yoga

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at the various types of thoughts that occupy our mind – correct knowledge, incorrect knowledge, imagination, dreams and memory. We defined the purpose of yoga as moving beyond these thoughts to reveal our true self. To help us move beyond our thoughts we can meditate and I’d like to share with you Breath Meditation as a technique for you to use.

  • Sit in any comfortable position (even on a chair), where you can keep your spine tall and erect.
  • Notice the sensation of the surface beneath you as you sit.
  • Deepen your breath and notice your inhalation, and your exhalation.
  • Notice the breath flowing through your nostrils – how does the breath feel, what does it sound like
  • Gently focus on staying with your breath as it moves in and out of your body – how does your body move as you breathe
  • When thoughts arise and you become distracted gently guide yourself back to your breath.
  • Keep coming back to your inhale, your exhale.

Practise focusing on the breath for 3- 5 minutes and notice how you feel.

Action – If you enjoyed this practise why not include it in your daily routine and see how you feel after a week.  You may like to extend the amount of time you focus on your breath.

I also have a guided practise of the Breath Meditation on my latest podcast episode  and below is a youtube video of the Breath Meditation I created as part of my meditation course.

Do let me know how you get on with your meditation practise 🙂

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